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Integrated ERP Solutions By Roles

Business Lead

As the person running the business, you need to know where your company is now and where it is going in the future. From revenue and profit margins to product quality and customer satisfaction, you need to know what is happening across the organization—in real time.

Finance Lead

As the person overseeing the company’s accounting functions, you need a financial management system that gives you access to accurate, up-to-date information on all the finances of your company—one that will let you analyze and report on the financial health of the organization.

Operations Lead

As the person responsible for all operational tasks at your company, you are constantly striving to increase productivity, lower costs, and improve quality. You need automated processes and visibility into all aspects of your organization so you can make sure the operations are consistently running smoothly.

Field Services Lead

As the person who oversees the company’s field service or repair functions, you need access to real-time information on every aspect of your field operation, so you know when there’s a problem before it becomes a major issue.

Professional Services Lead

As the person responsible for your company’s service delivery, you need access to critical information on all aspects of any project, including availability of resources, project costs, project issues and client details.

IT Lead

As the person in charge of the company’s information technology, you need to be able to control your department’s hardware, software, and staffing costs, forecast future budgets, and manage maintenance schedules.